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Family, Feasts, and Emergency-Free Holidays

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season with a day of giving thanks, spending time with those you love, and feasting on a home-cooked meal. For those with braces, it can be tricky to know which foods are braces-friendly and which should be avoided.

The dentists at Smile Studio Orthodontics are here to help break your Thanksgiving dinner down, giving you the information you need to keep your holidays emergency-free.

Foods You Can Add to Your Plate


Go ahead and add the Thanksgiving turkey to your plate, as long as you cut the meat off the bone. In general, softer, deboned white meats from birds and fish are safe to eat with braces, while tougher red meats from cows, pigs, and lamb may pose difficulties in chewing and result in damage to braces.


Mashed, steamed, or baked vegetables can be added to your plate. Unless you are eating mashed vegetables, make sure to cut your vegetables up before eating to ensure that you are not putting too much stress on your braces. Do not eat vegetables that are crunchy or require you to bite into them, such as corn on the cob.


Pre-cut bread or soft bread is safe to eat with braces. Avoid biting into a bun or chunk of bread, and cut it into bite-size pieces to consume.

Soft Foods

Soft foods, such as pies, puddings, casseroles, and mac and cheese, are safe to eat with braces. However, if these soft foods are made with a hard crust or shell, whether it be a crunchy casserole topping or pie crust, this crust should be scraped off and put to the side to avoid injury to your braces.

Foods to Keep Off Your Plate

Sticky Foods

Sticky foods that are chewy or gummy should be avoided with braces as they can easily get stuck in and damage your braces.

Crunchy Foods

Hard, crunchy foods should be avoided with braces as they can cause them to be popped off. Additionally, foods with hard or crunchy crusts or toppings should be avoided. Nuts, hard candies, casserole crusts, mac and cheese toppings, and pie crusts are all examples of crunchy foods that should be avoided.

Hand Foods

Hand foods that require you to bite into them, such as corn on the cob, apples, or crunchy raw vegetables, should be avoided, as they can easily damage your braces. Avoid crunchy foods such as apples or raw vegetables entirely, and make sure to cut the corn off the cob if you have to have it.

What If I Pop A Bracket or A Wire Gets Loose?

Accidents happen. In addition to contacting your dental office to make an appointment to repair your braces as soon as possible, here’s what you can do in the following situations:
  • Bracket Gets Loose: If a bracket gets loose, you will want to be careful eating and drinking until you can have it properly adhered. If you have dental wax, you can apply it to the bracket if it is causing discomfort to your inner cheek or lip.
  • Bracket Falls Off: Spit it out, clean it thoroughly, and save it to bring with you to your repair appointment. Do NOT attempt to adhere the bracket to your tooth yourself. If you accidentally swallow a bracket, do not panic; it is small enough that it should pass naturally.
  • A Wire Gets Loose: If a wire gets loose and is poking your inner cheek or is otherwise causing discomfort, you can use sharp and sterile clippers to snip off the loose portion of the wire.

Help Your Smile Survive the Holidays with Smile Studio Orthodontics

Even with your best due diligence, a popped bracket or loose wire might occur. At Smile Studio Orthodontics, our orthodontists are here to help if something goes wrong this holiday season.
To schedule an appointment or free consultation with one of our Denver orthodontists, call (720) 842-4544 or fill out our short online form.

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